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Creating a Chapter of the SNHS for Your School

---SNHS Chapters are now in 41 states!---

Any secondary education school is eligible to apply for a charter for a local chapter. Each school shall have its own chapter. New chapters can start at anytime through the school year.

Schools may charter a chapter of the SNHS by following these steps:

1. Go to:

2. Enter all required data.

3. Submit that electronic form to the SNHS. You will receive a email with a confirmation number attached.  Save that number for your records

4. Send a one-time registration payment of $100 to the SNHS at the address below. [Note: International schools fee is $200 to cover additional mailing costs.] That payment covers joining the SNHS and the dues for the first year. Please include that confirmation number along with that check. 

5. Attach a written statement from the school Headmaster or Principal requesting a chapter and discussing how your school needs a chapter of the SNHS. 

6. The SNHS will contact your school within four to six weeks with your chartering information. Since we try to minimize overhead, these communications will always be via email.

7. You will get an 11X17 Charter document suitable for framing.

8. Dues for subsequent year dues is $40.  That payment for operating chapters is normally due by October 1 of each new school year.

If you have trouble with this procedure, please contact us at one of the addresses below.

The Science National Honor Society
Board of Directors
2929 Fountainview
Houston, TX 77057